Preparing your car for the summer season

Preparing your car for the summer season


Preparing a car for the warm season is not only about changing tires from winter to summer, although many drivers limit themselves to this point only. Cheat sheet for the spring for caring car owners:

  • Change tires - don't forget toe-in.
  • Clean the body and underbody, wash the rims and wheel arches well.
  • Use a special tool to clean the windows, tidy up the headlights.
  • Dry the interior.
  • The rubber on the wiper blades may crack after winter frosts - replace it with a new one so as not to scratch the glass.
  • Inspect the underside of the machine for corrosion or other damage.
  • Make sure oil and other technical fluids are not leaking.

Finished the external preparation of the car, go to the internal one. Here you cannot do without the help of professionals.

  • Wash the engine.
  • Check the brake system carefully.
  • Pay attention to the oil level.
Not many drivers know how important it is to change the oil in a car after the winter period. Yes, high-quality additives save the oil from sudden temperature changes, but the engine hours of the engine run up at an accelerated pace. Hence, engine and oil resources are reduced. In winter, the engine runs at idle every day, when the car warms up, in traffic jams on snowy roads. At the same time, the mileage on the odometer does not increase, the driver is calm, but in fact, the oil developed its properties, the reserve of which was lost by the spring. Dissolved products of car oil wear and fuel combustion increase significantly in the lubricant.

Condensation can also accumulate there, which has got into the oil due to sudden temperature changes when the engine cools down. The typical chemical reaction of hydrolysis will reduce the life of the motor oil.

Therefore, by the spring, the oil quality level is already quite low.

Let's remember the main thing: after winter, the mileage of the car is not an indicator of engine wear, so you should take care of replacing the car oil by the spring-summer period.

Please note that the oil in diesel vehicles must be changed after winter. And don't forget about the new filters!

A wide selection of FQ and Toyota oils is presented in the catalog of our site, and you can also quickly select the positions of FQ filters that suit you.

Let the car enjoy the spring with you!


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