About Maknot company

The MAKNOT group of companies have been in the Russian market since 2017. We offer to wholesale buyers the high-tech brands’ automotive components and expendable materials, with the Russian market-oriented manufacturing.

At present, our staff of 30 employees work to deliver the automotive parts to our partner customers immediately. The MAKNOT’s storage facilities provide a means for having wide range of products available for sale. We introduce the state-of-the-art technology to build the flourishing business jointly with our customers.

Our purpose is to be a reliable partner for wholesale customers on the Russian Federation territory.


The Present-day MAKNOT

It is a suitable platform for direct supplies and sale of the high-quality automotive accumulator batteries and expendable materials. We offer products that meet the world’s quality standards.

Environmental protection is the focus of our special attention so that we cooperate with the manufacturers who consider the environmental issues.

We provide the high-grade services for MAKNOT’s customers on the Russia and CIS territories.

For the customers’ convenience, we set the lowest threshold for a bulk order so that even small companies could develop and grow cooperating with us.

Working with us, you obtain guarantee technical support and professional consultative assistance in selection of the automotive suppliers.

MAKNOT CO., Ltd. have established storage facilities in most Russia regions and the well-functioning logistic supply channels, which provide the prompt direct deliveries.

For today, MAKNOT’s product range includes the following:

All our products available for buyers are certified.

Following our principles of honesty, respect of the buyers and the final consumers, we offer products of the highest quality standards.
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